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• Marriage Agency FAQ

1.What is
2.How can I contact you?
3.What services do you provide?
4.I have seen a few women who I have also seen on other site, why?
5.Is your agency serious, are the girls real, do women read, write letters themselves?
6.Any of the girls I asked for postal address, even when I told them about arranging a meeting, didn't tell the address to me.

What is is a web-site that presents photos and profiles of beautiful marriage minded Ukrainian and Russian women, pretty girls from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia and other countries of the ex-USSR. All these women are seeking foreign men for serious relations and marriage. not only gives you a great opportunity to browse Russian women on-line catalog, but also to establish contact with them and form serious relations with your future Russian bride. You can read more about us at About Us page. introduction agency is the means for foreign men to get in contact with single Russian women who search for their husband abroad. We help you to form relations delivering your letters fast and secure, guarantee gift delivery and any help, support and advice you might need.

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How can I contact you?
We encourage you to use the form on Contact Us page - we prefer to communicate by e-mail as it is easier to track all letters and find all necessary information this way. If you are a registered user, it would be better if you contact clients support through Support Center option which can be found in your user area at

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What services do you provide?
First of all, we provide a place for single marriage minded foreign men and Russian women to place their information (photos and profiles) - we have on-line Russian women catalog for foreign men to browse and choose Russian women they would like to contact; plus we give foreign men an opportunity to place their profile and photos in on-line Gentlemen catalog, so singe Russian women would be able to initiate contact with them. Secondly, we help you to establish contact with the Russian women you like - you can send her letters and get replies fast through our email forwarding system, order flower and gift delivery to your special Russian girlfriend. Your letters are translated into woman's native language (if she doesn't know English enough to understand your letter well without translation) and delivered to the woman personally.

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I have seen a few women who I have also seen on other site, why?
We do not forbid women to be clients of different marriage and dating agencies in their native cities as we can't deprive them of their right to CHOOSE and have this choice, and thus one girl can be a client of ALL marriage agencies in her native city, and the number of such agencies can vary depending on the size of the city - from 2-4 in smaller cities to hundreds in capitals or big regional centers. Besides, one and the same agency can be affiliated/cooperate with different web-sites/agency networks, and this way even if a woman is a client to only one marriage agency in her native city, her profile may be posted to many web-sites.

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Is your agency serious, are the girls real, do women read, write letters themselves?
YES, we are a serious company, this is our business, we invest money in it and know that only honest work will bring profit in the future. The scheme of work is as follows: we have a web-site and attract men-clients, who are searching for a Russian bride; we find marriage and dating agencies in the cities of Ukraine and Russia and pay them commission for delivery and translation of letters; these agencies (we call them "local marriage agencies") advertise themselves in their cities, marriage-minded girls come to their offices, fill in the application, bring photos; these agencies check the girls' identity, marital status by the girls passport.

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Any of the girls I asked for postal address, even when I told them about arranging a meeting, didn't tell the address to me.
We do not forbid our women and girls to exchange contact details, such as postal address and telephone number, in letters they send through web-site. But you should make a difference between "postal address" and "address to visit". Usually a Russian girl does not tell everyone that she is in the marriage agency and searching for a foreign husband. Though international marriages are quite often now, there still is a stereotype: "if you you can't find a good husband in your city and address to the marriage agency - you are a looser". Also, mass media has cultivated negative reaction about marriage agencies among common people - there is a belief that marriage agencies sell prostitutes abroad. We have had several girls who quarreled with their relatives about being our client, and had to stop their search for a foreign husband. So, when you are planning to visit, be sure to INFORM about the dates when you come, and better contact the girl through the agency. If you ask us to call several girls and inform that you will arrive, it will not be much bother, we would be glad to help you - after all, our aim is to help two people meet, and then they will decide whether they want to be together.

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