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• Our Services offers you a number of ways to view the marriage-minded women from Russia who are enlisted in our mail order brides photo catalog. You may browse through a general line up of all of our amazing Russian women and brides from Ukraine, or look through the profiles and photos of single Ukrainian girls and mail order brides from Russia who have recently been registered with our marriage agency in our latest additions section, or you may choose among the TOP 80 most popular Russian girls and Ukrainian brides of our dating web-site. We also recommend you to check video girls section before you make your final choice. When you decide on the mail order bride you'd like to get acquainted with, you may contact her either by post or via our quick and easy to use e-mail-forwarding system.

Most reliable and quick way to contact a Russian mail order bride from our catalog is to send her a letter using our e-mail forwarding services. Your letter arrives right to the local marriage agency where your chosen Russian girl is listed; then your letter is translated into Russian, and the local marriage agency staff calls your Russian mail order bride to come and pick up a letter from you. Since we have offices in all the cities where Russian brides in our catalog live, your chosen woman receives your correspondence much quicker than if you sent it by post. Using our e-mail forwarding service will save you months of time in your communication with all mail order brides on our website.

Another great opportunity offers to you is our photo forwarding service - if you would like to see some additional photos of your favorite Russian woman, for example pictures of woman's family, her friends, and of the lady herself in her natural surroundings - or send additional photos of you, you can do it through You should keep in mind that at this point of your Internet dating letters and pictures are the only way for you to get to know each other before actual meeting, so try to exchange as much information with your Russian mail order bride as possible through letters, photos and phone calls.

In our desire to make our services more convenient for our clients, we give foreign men who are interested in marriage with a woman from Russia a possibility to send an Inquiry Note instead of the first letter. Inquiry is a smaller monetary risk for you, it costs 4 times less than a letter, and our service package subscribers can send 10 free inquiries per month. Inquiry is a short message addressed to a particular mail order bride you chose to contact. This is a standard message which tells the woman about your interest and asks her to view your profile and photos and reply to you if you personality would interest the lady. Reply from a girl - yes or no - is free for you.

Ready to get letters from Russian mail order brides right now? We offer you what we believe is a VERY GOOD opportunity - placing your ad in our Gentlemen's Online Catalog. Why it is useful: you saw many beautiful mail order brides on our site and you may want to write to a number of them, but you don't know whether any of them would be interested in you. By placing your ad in the On-line Gentlemen Catalog you give the women an opportunity to write you first after viewing your photo and profile. Obviously, if a woman chooses to write to you, it most definitely means that SHE IS INTERESTED! There is no risk involved, if you do not like her - you can view photos and profile of any Russian girl who contacted you before opening a letter - simply do not open her e-mail. This way, you don't have to waste money on sending out e-mails to those mail order brides who may not respond. However, we are proud to announce that we have found that women's response rate on our site is quite high!

Our services are free for Russian women but not free for men. Interested to know how much our services would cost you? You purchase conventional units and put them to your account at A unit is deducted from your account when you send an e-mail or when you open a reply from a mail order bride in your mailbox. If you send a photo to the lady, or agree to pay for her photo to be scanned and forwarded to you by e-mail - 0.5 unit is deducted from your account for each additional photo as well. Inquiry note is only 0.25 of a unit. Reply from a woman to your Inquiry note - yes or no - is FREE. If you have your ad published in the Gentlemen's Catalog you will get letters from women who decided to initiate correspondence with you. To read such letter of introduction will cost you ONLY 0.25 units (as well as for your inquiry), and it's up to you whether you choose to reply. Remember that you can view the profile of the woman who sent you a message before deciding to open an e-mail, so there is no risk since there is NO CHARGE to you until you actually open a message.

Go for a wonderful opportunity: buy service package subscription at We highly recommend subscription to those clients who are interested in free videos, free Inquiries, possibility to write longer letters for the cost of 1 UNIT, and want to buy UNITs in bulk with bonuses thus reducing the cost of 1 UNIT. Please, note, that being a subscriber you can't send letters for free, you will still have to buy UNITs for sending and receiving letters, photos, and on-line chats.

Women like men's attention, it is not a secret. And what is the best way to win her heart? Right you are - send her a gift! Gift delivery is one more service we offer our customers. We deliver flowers, candies, and other gifts to Russian women listed in our catalog. All deliveries are made by the local marriage agencies who are our affiliates. Please see our full listing of possible gift ideas. If you have a special gift request please contact us and we will e-mail you a price quote for whatever it is that you may like to send. Delivery is usually available within 72 hours. We are quite flexible and willing to work for you and your bride, so please do not hesitate to ask us any questions or make special requests! One of the sections at our web-site is Birthday Girls catalog. We are sure you will find it useful for gift ordering - what can be most exciting than to get a present for your birthday from a person you have never met? It is a very romantic way to start your Internet relations with a mail order bride from Russia, and women all over the world like romance! Surprise your Russian bride with flowers or candies, toys or champagne - anything that goes from your heart will please your bride from Ukraine on her special day.

Meeting is a very important step in developing Internet relations. After initial introduction, correspondence, exchange of additional photos, phone calls you will like to actually meet your special Russian bride. We can help you in this area as well. You will be welcome by our agency representative in the lady's native city, helped with accommodation and translation if your lady doesn't know English. If you have made up your mind to come and meet your Russian bride, just contact us. We are always there to help you with any questions you may have. Specially designed system of Support Tickets helps us to answer your questions and solve your problems in a timely manner. You will find access to the Support Center inside your account.

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