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Refund/ Return Policy

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Every transaction should result in a pleasant, convenient, and successful experience. If you are dissatisfied with our services, we can offer a full or partial refund.

Payment to

You buy conventional units, which are added to your account at our web-site. These conventional units are called UNITs. Each time you use our services we bill your account at but not your credit card, i.e. for each letter sent or received, photo forwarded, gift ordered your account at will be debited for respective number of UNITs (for exact charges consult description of our services; cost of services are subject to changes).


If you are not satisfied with the services you paid for, or think the services were not delivered as described, you can ask to return conventional units to your account at . You should contact web-site administration and describe reasons of your dissatisfaction. If your claims are grounded your account at will be credited with respective amount of UNITs.

If you cancel your registration at, you can ask for refund of remained funds to your credit card account IF your last payment was not longer that 30 days ago.

Return of unused funds to your credit card account does not process credit cards itself, and use a third party service for all payments. Secure transactions are served by 2BuySafe Retail, an authorized Sales Agent. Your contact details and credit card details that are necessary for billing purposes are provided by you at a separate website via a secure server.

All refunds will be issued back in the same manner that payment was made. If you used a credit card and paid through 2BuySafe Retail the credit will be issued back to your credit card; it takes 3 to 10 business days for the money to reach your credit card account after the refund request is processed.

We encourage our customers to contact us with all questions about payments.