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Black List


Dear Gentlemen!

Scam is generally defined as:
- an attempt to intentionally mislead a person or persons (known as the mark) usually with the goal of financial or other gain;
- a ploy by a shyster to raise money;
- obtaining money by means of deception.

With regard to International dating, scam is a scheme usually run by women to get money from men for different purposes.

Different scam-scenarios
can be used with the purpose of fraud. We would advise you to consult for more information.

This blacklist is brought to you by Here you will see only the list of scammers. If you want to see more information on each scam artist (contact information, reasons why she was added to the black list, proofs), you should click "more info" link next to the picture, and you will be directed to right to the scammer's profile. If you want to report a scam, you can do it through the special form.

You should note that photos used in most scams belong to other people. The same set of photos is often used under many names. The same name can be used with different photos.

Here, at Amazing-Women web-site we suggest you a black-list of known scammers, reported by men who were scammed or almost scammed. In details of each profile you will find proofs - scam letters, i.e. letters where a girl asks for money, or even copies of money transfer receipts proving that the money was sent.

The one who alarmed is armed, a proverb says. Here's our message to ALL men who try to find a wife in the Internet:

DO NOT SEND MONEY to women you haven't met!

DO NOT OFFER TO SEND MONEY to her to help with anything - very few women would refuse, and then will see the easy way to "make" money.