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Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way... Holiday season has started! And so has our holiday action!
Stay with us during this wonderful part of the year!
Wait for a miracle and it will surely happen!
Do magic yourself! Send gifts and surprise messages both to women you know and to women you see on-line for the first time! Open your heart and mind for a new happier life!
Our pleasure to help you in this!

Read about our special offers prepared for you these days!

The action ended.

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GET 10 FREE CHAT MINUTES with 1 UNIT purchase!
Buy 1 UNIT for 9.99 usd and get 10 chat minutes to your account!

PLUS! Read video-introduction letters for 0.40 of a UNIT instead of a usual 0.50! Do not forget to check the costs before you open the letter!

Our web-site offers you to order gifts for your ladies with 50% discount on delivery! Ordering gifts between 18th of December - and 1st of January - you pay only 2 UNITs for delivery (instead of the usual 3), and get FREE photo on delivery (which usually costs 1 UNIT)! Do not forget that you can always choose desirable date for delivery of your gift!

Between 18th of December - and 1st of January - you will get BONUSES with your payments.

Buy 8 UNITs and get 2 additional to your account (25% BONUS)!
Buy 4 UNITs and get 1 additional to your account (25% BONUS)!

NOTE: Bonuses are added ONLY when you buy mentioned amount of UNITs. If you buy any other amount of UNITs, no bonuses will be added. Bonuses do not sum up, the higher bonus will be applied.

Try our Special offer for Christmas and New Year Holidays. Order a gift set for your girl-friend for 9 UNITs only, and get 9 free chat-minutes to your account as a bonus for you, so you could chat with your lady at any moment!